Born: Manifesting Your Best Life with Dee Wallace

Actress Dee Wallace found a fan base in such films as Cujo, The Hills Have Eyes and The Howling. However, her bigger work has been guiding people through universal healing and self manifestation via her teachings, her radio show and her books. Dee has just released her latest book, BORN, teaching the principals of manifestation through positivity and self love.

Film fans know Dee Wallace, the actress. As one of the most resilient and respected actresses in film and television today, Dee first made a fanbase as one of the “scream queens” of the late 70’s, appearing in horror favorites such as The Hills Have Eyes, The Howling and Cujo, while making guest appearances on dozens of hit television shows. In 1984 she became a household name when she appeared as matriarch Mary Taylor in Steven Spielberg’s mega-hit E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial. A multiple award-winning actress, Dee continues to do character roles in everything from sci-fi and horror dramas to romantic Christmas films.

But there is another role that Dee occupies which is more unique than her success as an actress. Others know Dee Wallace as a teacher, author, spiritual advisor, and healer. Gifted with receptivity to messages from the wider universe beyond conventional understanding, Dee has created an entire career of teaching the principles of channeling energy for the purposes of healing and prosperity. Through private sessions with clients, as well as hosting her own call-in radio show, Dee is the author of seven books about self-love, healing and self-manifestation. Through her teachings and guidance, Dee has been helping people towards their full potential via a mixture of science, religion, and spirituality.

At the end of 2021, Dee released her seventh book entitled BORN. In BORN, Dee reveals the secrets to manifestation, the practice of attracting things you desire for your life through energy and belief. BORN is a quick read that illustrates the concepts in easy to understand and relatable language. From her website, it’s explained, “BORN is NOT a book about affirmations, visioning, Dark Energy, Self-Protection, or waiting for directions from God, the Guides or the Angels, Karma, or Struggle. It IS a book about Directing Energy, Knowing, Neutrality, Self-Actualization, Knowing You are the Power, Claiming Your Desires, and Easy Creation.”

The belief in a universal energy and the power of manifestation are not foreign concepts to me. In my own spiritual journey, I’ve shifted the focus of my life from media consumption to discovering the way I fit into the universe and how that impacts others around me. I have experienced manifestation before, but primarily it has gone in directions that have caused me great tragedy and suffering. I believed that manifestation is real, but I was missing the key elements to make it work.

In BORN, Dee Wallace reveals the missing pieces. I can honestly tell you that within days of finishing her book, when I applied her simple lessons to my own experiences, it worked. In December I had a setback which affected me not only financially, but also hurt me emotionally. While I could have reacted with anger or crying victim, instead I changed my thinking around and told the universe that what happened was for a reason. I forgave the individuals who burdened me, and in simple terms said what I needed to make the situation right again. Well, not only did I get back everything I asked for in full, but I received more than I needed. I took that good will and I shared it through charity donations, and asked others to find the kindness and joy in their hearts to pay it forward.

Dee’s work in BORN is real, and it works. I believe that. With this new knowledge, and impressed by seeing it work in my own life, I was excited to talk to Dee Wallace about her books and the lessons she teaches. This is a different type of interview for We all love Dee for the movies we’ve seen her in, but this is about something bigger, deeper and more life changing. This is where we talk about getting the things we desire and healing ourselves in the process.

Sam Tweedle: I am so excited to talk to you about your wonderful book.

Dee Wallace: Thank you for reading it.

Sam: Not only have I taken the whole thing in, in the past few weeks I have applied it to my life, and to my thinking, and I have seen results like you’ve spoken to in the book which is so exciting to me!

Dee: That is so awesome, Sam. It doesn’t take long, but when you shift your thinking, scientifically all the energy within you must shift. So that’s awesome.

Sam: Now, not all the concepts were foreign to me, but there were elements in your book which I felt were like missing pieces I never had.

Dee: Like?

Sam: Well, I believe in the power of manifestation, but traditionally it would happen when I would say something awful, and some misfortune or tragedy would come true. That’s happened so many times. So, elements that you talk about in your book, such as the concept of finding joy in what you want, and not looking for the things you want as a burden, is a game changer. You write about how we are trained to look at success as a burden, like it’s engrained in us to stay humble. But to look for the things you need and desire through a spirit of joy and positivity, makes so much sense. It’s like we are trained to think we don’t deserve the things that we desire as if it makes us selfish or greedy.

Dee: Well, we are trained just like our parents, and just as their parents were trained. It’s based in a lot of old religious beliefs.

Dee Wallace with her famous alien co-star from the 1982 classic “E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial”: “When I was little, I used to channel a lot. When my grandmother was in trouble, I would be visited by my Dad through a light in my room after he had committed suicide. That sounds really out there, I know, but that’s what happened.”

Sam: But it makes sense to me that if we put joy and love into the things that we need that it will naturally be drawn to us. It’s just these little elements. How did you become trained in universal guidance, and knowing things about positive manifestation and the way that the universe speaks to us?

Dee: Well, I think I was meant to know this. I think we are all meant to know. When I was little, I used to channel a lot. When my grandmother was in trouble, I would be visited by my Dad through a light in my room after he had committed suicide. That sounds really out there, I know, but that’s what happened. Really creative people sometimes have more of an opening in being available to the messages that are coming through. Anybody can channel and all the information is hanging just above our heads. But, as the good book says, you have to ask for it.So, when my husband died suddenly, I dropped to my knees and said to God “I don’t want to be pissed off, and I don’t want to be a victim. I want a way we can heal ourselves.” In seconds the same message came in, which was “Use the light within you to heal yourself.” I’ve been learning what that means ever since.I had started my acting school when all this began. I’d go in to teach and when people started to do their scenes, I’d get downloads on where their blocks were, why they couldn’t access their emotions. As we worked through these blocks their lives started to change, and their parents wanted to work with me, and their friends wanted to work with me and now, here I am. I have clients all over the world. But when you know the truth, and you see the truth in your own life, and how much happier and affluent and healthy you are, you’ve got to share it with other people. That’s why I wrote BORN. I want people to know the ease and joy of manifesting their lives like I do.

Sam: I’ve considered myself to be an empath, and through my life, especially as a child, I felt that I just “knew things” which eventually revealed themselves to be true. I’ve recognized energy and aura around people and situations. But as a kid, I was questioned about the things that I knew. I was told “Why do you think that? You don’t know its true. You are just being judgmental. You might be wrong.” Eventually knowing these things got squashed by doubt as I began to second guess myself.

Dee: Well of course. Because the gods in our lives are our parents and grandparents, and when they say you don’t know, and your teachers say you don’t know, then we say, “Well I guess I don’t know.” But we do know. As the good book says “Ask, and you will receive.” One of the important things that I write about in BORN is that the original meaning of “ask” in Hebrew is “claim or demand.” It’s not “Oh God, am I worthy of this being delivered to me.” It’s, “I am claiming this now for myself.”

Sam: I love the part in the book where you write about saying what you mean, and not beating around the bush about what you want. If you need money, for instance, and that’s what you want, you don’t just mess around with the wording in a way to make it sound like you are convincing the universe why you need it like if it’s a banker or an employer.

Dee: Yes, and also, you don’t ask for what you don’t want. That’s what most people do. They say, “I don’t want to have to worry about money.” Well, your brain sees in pictures, and all your brain sees then is the worry about money, which is going to push money away from you. We are in an electrical conversation with the universe all the time.Our hearts can be measured through electro-cardiograms. Our brain is measured by electro-encephalogram. The universe is an electro-magnetic universe. So, if you want to get the TV show that you want to watch, you’ve got to tune the dial to exactly what the station is to exactly the frequency you want to get what you want. Well, manifesting your life is literally the same thing.

Sam: When you talk about how we say, “I don’t want to worry about…” there are automatically so many negative words in that small phrase that work against us. In the book, you talk about this idea of putting joy and love into the messages of the things that we want into our lives. Why, as people, do we naturally not understand the necessity of joy and love for the things we desire? It’s so important, and I feel that was the missing element from my personal spiritual journey that BORN made so clear to me.

“Finding love and joy is easy. I tell people to find their love place. It’s anywhere or anything that opens your heart and puts a smile on your face the moment you think of it. I go immediately to my dog, Freedom, or to Hawaii, or to my daughter when she was a baby. Everybody finds a love place. Pets and places in nature are the two easiest places to go to.”

Dee: Well, go back to your childhood. I think it’s important that people understand that our self-esteem and how we see ourselves has locked into our brains by the age of eight years old. Whatever you are taught, or whatever is modeled in front of you, from birth to the age of eight, are the belief systems you pretty much build your life around. I’ll give you a simple example. Let’s say you want a beautiful relationship in your life. You walk into a room and there are five women, and they are beautiful, healthy, and smart. You say “Oh my god. I really want a relationship with one of you. I want a relationship with a woman who is smart and fun and healthy and vital. But by the way, I think I’m a big piece of shit. I just want you to know that. I don’t think much of myself, and I don’t think I can get what I want. So okay. Which one of you ladies wants to have a relationship with me?” Nobody is going to step forward. That’s why you don’t say what you don’t want, or do you diminish yourself in any way. Because energy is neutral. Energy will always be there. We learnt that in fifth grade. It’s not positive or negative or good or bad until somebody directs that energy towards good or bad. Anytime you get up and say, “Oh my god, I’m so tired”, that’s a direction to your energy to make you more tired. “Oh my god, I have no money” is an energy for you to not get money. Your words, and more important, your feelings, control the direction of the energy. If you feel joy and love around yourself and joy and love around the things you want, those things will find you.

Sam: There seems to be a need for that joy and love to be truly genuine. It’s more than just the words but finding the truth in the moment. I don’t think it’s something that will work if it’s faked. For instance, I feel that sometimes in desperation we give in to toxic positivity, which isn’t a genuine emotion based in reality. How can we avoid toxic positivity and find genuine love and joy?

Dee: Finding love and joy is easy. I tell people to find their love place. It’s anywhere or anything that opens your heart and puts a smile on your face the moment you think of it. I go immediately to my dog, Freedom, or to Hawaii, or to my daughter when she was a baby. Everybody finds a love place. Pets and places in nature are the two easiest places to go to. People will call me on my show and say, “I don’t know how to love me, Dee.” And I say, “Sure you do” and I show them the way and they go right to their pet. They say, “Oh my kitty cat. I just love her.” I say, “Just go and focus on the love you have for your cat. Now go and feel that same love for you.”

Sam: I can understand the concept of finding that love for your pets, because I think it’s my love for my two cats that is so strong and so pure. When I’m trying to centre myself, I have this mantra that says, “Cats and records. Records and cats.” It’s the joy of music and my animals which probably give me the most happiness.

Dee: So, when you attract the things that you desire into your life, it feels like records and cats and cats and records.

Sam: Another thing that I think is so important that you discuss in your book, and I know I personally struggle with, is of letting go of your past so that it doesn’t drag you down and prevent you from moving forward.

Dee: Dana Wilde has a great quote that I like to use which is, “There is nothing wrong with your story except that you keep telling it.” If you keep talking about your past, you keep directing your energy to continuing to define your life that way. I’m a child of an alcoholic who couldn’t hold a job and ended up committing suicide. That’s one of the big traumas of my life. But if I keep using that as a reason to not move forward, then I am directing my energy to not create for me.

So many people want to keep using their stories, so they don’t have to take responsibility for creating themselves. It’s not a sound bite. It’s learning to live consciously. It’s learning to not think that thought, because its not going to get me what I want. It’s like being an actor. If you don’t like the script, rewrite it. It’s up to you to do it. Nobody else is going to do it for you.

Sam: I find it distressing sometimes when I see people I know who are struggling. Their life doesn’t need to be the chaos that it sometimes seems. I tell them if they just be quiet and listen to their own inner voice, they can gain the wisdom to fix those elements of their life, one thing at a time. It’s so easy, but people don’t hear it.

Dee: That goes back to the very first chapter of the book. You must choose. If you don’t choose nothing’s going to change. You must make a conscious choice that I’m going to do this. Some people think studying and reading about stuff is making a choice. It’s not. Making a choice is deciding to commit to doing this.

Sam: It’s a frame of mind. If you can find genuine empathy, love, positivity, and direction, you can make all these things happen.

Dee: You also need to choose to love yourself in all of that. We’re never taught to love ourselves. We are taught that that’s blasphemous, that if we love ourselves, God is not going to love us, that people are going to judge us. But if you love yourself in a way of unconditional divine love, knowing you literally are an instrument of the highest creative force on earth, when you fill yourself up with that, you have so much love to give everybody else. Then everyone wins. But if you keep putting yourself down, you lose, they lose, everybody loses.

Sam: What has the response to BORN been?

Dee: It’s been huge, as well as for my children’s book. It’s on back order.

Sam: Please tell me more about your children’s book!

Dee: It’s called BuppaLaPaloo and the I Love Mes. It’s the first in a series of books teaching children the core principles of self-creation. Don’t you wish we had that?

Sam: For sure.

Dee: BuppaLaPaloo is this little bear, and he is visiting his friend, and the little boy says, “I’m sad because I don’t know who I am. Grandma says I’m not old enough and Daddy says I’m not strong enough and Mom says I’m not a good friend.” And Buppa says “You didn’t ask the most important person who you are – YOU. Who do you think you are?” So Buppa helps the boy choose the definitions of himself of what he wants to be. It’s beautifully illustrated by an Italian illustrator named Vincenzo Lodato who worked at Disney for a long time. The illustrations are just beautiful.

Sam: This is teaching stuff to kids that I had to learn from a therapist in my forties.

Dee: I know. I think the people who are reading it to the kids are also learning it themselves

Sam: Have there been good responses for BORN thus far?

Dee: Yes. All positive so far, I can say. I just got an email yesterday from a gentleman who says “I got your book and I started applying the principles right away to my workplace. I can tell you that everything I wanted came true in an entirely different way that I thought it would happen.” He was working with a boss who wasn’t nice to anybody and wouldn’t allow him to use his creativity. So, I said “You have to love your boss more. You must love going to work. You have to love how creative you can be in the workplace.” He said, “I started applying all that. She didn’t change, but she was sent somewhere else to work and the new boss who came in matched everything that I wanted.”I can’t explain it, but I’ve created E.T. for me with this method. I created a beautiful series I did for three years called Sons and Daughters. I wanted a series and I lined out exactly what I wanted, and I didn’t want to go to the network to do it. The series came along, and it was a comedy, but I’m known for drama. It was improv, but I don’t do improv. If you get out of the way, the universe will create it better than you can imagine it. Your job is to know exactly what you want and feel love and joy around it and keep your focus on it consistently. Then the universe says “Yes, let’s go play there.”

Sam: The one struggle I have with the concept of “want” is that I get caught up in the idea that this desire may be connected to greed. But, if we can get more, than perhaps we can also have the room to give more.

Dee: Look, when you hug someone with a good hug, you are hugging each other at the same time. That’s what the universe wants to do with you. The universe wants to be in a big hug with

you all the time. But you must accept the hug. Without it, there is no hug. There is no interchange.

Sam: Why don’t more people pick up on it? Is it really that abstract?

Dee: I think they don’t for two reasons. I think they think its happenstance, which is why in BORN I show how religion, spirituality and brain science all say the same thing. Science says that these are principles that work scientifically. I’m convinced that Jesus was teaching brain science in the only terms they had back then, and what did he teach? He taught love. And what do we know? Love is the most powerful force in the universe. I think people think that manifestation is just good luck, and it’s up to somebody else. But I also think the biggest thing is that people don’t want to take responsibility. They get something out of being victims. They are getting something out of it, but they’re not getting what they want out of it.

Dee Wallace with her children’s book character Buppa who teaches both children and parents the elements of self love: “You didn’t ask the most important person who you are – YOU. Who do you think you are?”

Sam: I know a few people who really need to read BORN.

Dee: I know a lot of people who need to read BORN. But you need to read it, and then you need to apply what you read to your life. You need to take action on it.

Dee Wallace is a special type of person. She has warmed our hearts and made us scream on the big screen. She has entertained us on television. But Dee has a bigger gift to give us than her show business career. I believe that her successful career is just a conduit to allow her notoriety and popularity to bring her message to a larger public than she may have reached before. Just by reading the things she says in this interview, you already have tools to allow your life to change, but to fully understand it you need to read BORN. Dee Wallace’s method works. The act of self-love will heal your life and allow you to love others, and the power of manifestation can be yours with the right exchange of universal energy. I’ve seen it firsthand, and am continuing to use Dee’s concepts, hone that energy and see the rewards in my own life. Dee has so many gifts to give the world – her films, her words and now the gift of BORN. Read it and see the results yourself.

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